Monday, May 11, 2009


I have built walls to keep everyone out and I am lonely because of it, but I figure if someone really wants to make the effort to break them down, then maybe they are worth it. I have never fell for lines before. Maybe it was a cockiness on my part. But living here surrounded by some of the worst people I have ever met, I kind of get lonely and not for the one night stand that all guys offer. In november a sweet guy(so I thought) came in and said please let me prove you wrong about men. So, I fell for the line. He was charming, sweet and liked to hold my hand. Which if you know me I'm really not a touchy feely person. And then he said that he just didn't want to talk for a while. It kind of hurt! I don't think I will ever fully trust any man. Every man has proven to just be that jerk chasing after any tail he can get. I like my walls. I might be lonely, but at least my heart doesn't hurt as much!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heart Melting!

I have been working all week long, night and mornings. UGH!! So, today I got to my parents to pick up my son and I laid on the couch while Gunnar played. He is so good when he knows mommy is tired. But I woke up to him sitting with me. Kind of like he was protecting me. And if you know my son he doesn't sit still. So I rolled over and pushed him down and cuddled with him, expecting him to get up and start playing. But he didn't he sat there and cuddled with me for twenty minutes!! I am so blessed to have this gorgeous and caring little boy in my life! It's the simple things like that that make it so worth all the hard work!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I love...!

I thought I would tell some of you what some of my favorite things. I'm not a very picky person I just like things my way.HEHEHE.
I love it when my little Gunnar smiles at me for no reason, when he flirts with a pretty girl(I'm in trouble!), when he giggles uncontrollably!
I love having a stash of snickers at my house so if I'm in the mood I can have alittle bit!!! I love to lounge around on a rainy day and make soup and watch corny movies!
I love to dance!! I used to go every week to a dance club, but now Gunnar and I dance in the morning!
I love my animals. Juno will always be my first baby(she loves to cuddle with me), but shiver has wormed her way into my heart like I couldn't believe.
I love romance novels! It's the only romance I get until lately.
I love to have that first kiss that makes you heart and stomach flutter.
I love to cook. I've been told I am a very good cook. When I cook for my co-workers I either get will you marry me or will you adopt me.
I love to always hear something. I know one day I might not, so I appreciate every second I can get!
I love to hang out with my parents. They are the most awesome people you could ever meet.
I love having my own home to call my own.
I love being outside! Hunting, camping you name it I love it!
I love to take a second look at people. If someone acts a certain way I try and figure out what has made them who they are.
I love to talk. Hey I am a woman!!!
I love to meet new people, but hate the anticipation of it.
I love to have me time, even if it is only when Gunnar goes to bed. It's a nice time to unwind!
I love suprising people! I am a blonde and I tend to get put in a certain catagory and I love proving them wrong!!
I love my blonde hair!! I can blame almost anything on it!!!
I love how sometimes Gunnar looks so happy to see me. He melts my heart!!!!
I love being a Mommy or to Gunnar Ma.
I love how Gunnar can give me a look and I can usually tell what he wants or needs.
I love the poopy face. I laugh everytime. He now has started to laugh every time he toots and that is just as funny!!
It's amazing how remembering all the stuff you love can make you feel!!!