Friday, June 26, 2009

Frosted Mug Friday!!

So, today I would like to start out by paying some respect for those who have passed on. But to continue on...This week I had to go into work to cook. By 4pm the waitress that was on was wondering why the bartender was not there yet. So I went to look at the schedule and no one was scheduled. So I call the manager and she says that the other bartender was suppose to be scheduled and that the boss didn't mark it down. Well the other bartender is extremely hard to get a hold of and we couldn't get a hold of her. The manager was (in my opinion) suppose to come in and cover the shift since I was cooking. She decided to say no and then tell me that I had to do it and the other two cooks(who aren't very experienced) that they could handle it and that I could run back and forth if they needed me. So I got angry but I was nice and said fine! So, everything started out really good. The cooks handled it and I sold a feature drink (mojito) and then the rush comes in and everything is ok, getting a little stressed but the cooks still haven't asked me to go back and help. So, this table of 15 comes in and in the middle of getting all of them drinks the cooks ask for my help. So I finished with their drinks and run back there(just to let you know I just started to learn to be head cook and it was suppose to be my kitchen that night) So I jump right in and so does Johnny the waiter who like to help us cook sometimes. Then they need some drinks and they need them ran to the tables. So I told Johnny exactly what to do and get the drinks and it ended up being quite a bit more than was told but that was ok. So I go back to the kitchen and jump right back in again. Then they need drinks again! So I told melissa to get the manager on the phone I can't do everything. So I get the drinks and then the phone was handed to me and she tells me she wont come in and that I should be able to handle it. So I say fine and hang up. Then Matt finishes with cutting the steaks and I can bartend.(most of the drama is done now) So I go out there and this guy comes up and he seems like a sweet guy. He likes mixed drinks and I was pulling them out for him to try(he only tried 4 total the whole night). But with that table there it was a mad house. I would start at one end of the table and get to the end and the start again! But they ended up sending some steaks back because they were well done and they asked for medium rare and I looked at the steaks and they were well done(yuk!) and then they get them back and they are the same way. I was embarrassed by the whole thing and then I just felt bad. We ended up giving away 6 steaks that night, just because of some people being incompetent! But the sweet guy was 63 years old and ended up telling me about himself and that my son and I could go visit him in kentucky and that he would take good care of us and treat me like a queen. He said that Gunnar could have a horse and he went on and on. He didn't really come across as the creepy ones that usually do that so I took his number(I felt bad just flat out dening him) and he gave me a big huge tip and seemed so happy that I was going to call him. Of course I didn't, he really could of been some crazy person and I am not that dumb! But he made me laugh with one of the things he said! He told me,"I'm 63, I have one foot on the banana pill. If you want to be with me you won't have to be with me that long since I am old and you can have all of my money once I kick it." Isn't that sad, but funny at the same time. And that was my thrilling bar story for the week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boys and their Jewels!

Ok, so I was givin this box to put my thoughts and prayers in when I lost my little girl and I never really used it, but I thought it would be a good thing to help me think of things to write about. So, one of my thought was of my darling little boy! He has this obsession with his jewels! I am a girl and I don't get it! I found out that guys start out with this obsession, it is gained by the knowledge of certain things. If his diaper is off his hand is down there. And sometimes he really has a hold of it in a painful way. I have to tell him to stop. When my mom takes care of him she asks him if he is done yet so she can put the diaper back on. I don't get it and I don't think I want to. But that is not the reason for this post. Ok, so he is a normal boy with this horrible obsession, but now he has started when I change his diaper, he waits until he is clean and then raises up his hand above his head and then slams it down on his...jewels. And then he laughs, mainly because mommy is making a wierd face at him, because that has to hurt!! I have asked some people and they say their boys did the same thing, but it makes you wonder is my kid normal?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yummy Yummy!!!

So, I moved to wyoming from Ca. Yeah I know what a change, but I think I like it sometimes! But I miss fast food. Probably a good thing that there isn't any up here, because I would weigh 200 lbs. But tonight I decided to try and duplicate a burrito from El Pollo Loco!! But I think it tasted just as good if not better! It is a twice grilled burrito(or at least I think that is what it was called) Here is my recipe if you would like it!
3 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Your choice of taco mix
Rice pilaf(you can buy instant wild rice with brown rice in Uncle bens in your grocery store)
your favorite salsa
First I boiled the chicken so it would shred with the all of my seasonings and with some of the salsa. While I did that I had the rice cooking. Once both were done I mixed them together, then tasted and add more seasonings to taste. Then I warmed up the tortillas in the microwave and then filled them with salsa, meat mixture and then some cheese. Then I rolled them up all fancy like holding them together with toothpicks. Then I got a pan heated up with alittle extra virgin olive oil and butter. I then placed them tooth pick side down first and once golden brown flipped them over. And if some thing doesn't sound right here are some pics to help. Yum Yum!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Salutes!

Today of course would be to all Fathers, especially my Daddy. Excuse the pictures just thought since mainly women read my blog we needed alittle eye candy!!!! But seriously, I give thanks to my Dad. The mender of all things broken. The knower of all(we let him think so and if you are reading this Daddy that is just a joke!). The shooting and hunting buddy. The drafting buddy!! The new recipe builder! Thank you for all your advice even when the advice wasn't taken. Thanks for the guidance through lifes trials and thank you for guiding, but not leading. And for letting us learn the hard way and supporting us even with the poke in the face(inside joke).
Love You Daddy!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Frosted Mug Friday!!

I thought I would give you tales of the bar in my friday blogs. It isn't all glitz and glamour, but some things to laugh at while you are having your own cocktails! Last friday was part of the 49ers weekend. Everyones excuse to drink in this little town. And this was my first 49ers as a batender. It was busy, but with three of us on it was a piece of cake!! Until the end of the night...dun dun dun! (Did I build up the anticipation with the dun duns or what!) So, around 1:00am this guy comes in barely able to walk and starts talk to Shawn the other bartender. And I was Just not wanting the guy in the bar at all, bad vibes from the guy. Well, everyone but one had left. The other one decided to buy the guy a shot or two and Shawn the Dumbass serves them to him. Well they are sitting there talking and I decided to start the process of closing which was organizing the tickets. So I am sitting there sorting and all of a sudden I hear "What is that stupid bimbo doing?" Ok, who uses bimbo anymore anyways and I didn't really dress skanky that day!! So I was alittle upset by that phrase, but he was drunk and Shawns friend so I kept my mouth shut(don't ask me why but I did). Then I was doing something on the register and turn around and he goes to say something stupid to me again,but instead he weaves to the left......and then to the right.... and then he stops, looks me right in the eyes and falls over backwards smashing his head into the tile flooring.(serves him right for calling me a bimbo, but still BIMBO...what a dumbass) So, Shawn makes me wait unitl he can get someone to pick this moron up. But he couldn't so I was more than happy to call someone to pick him up....Hi, Mr. Officer!! HEHEHE

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

This was actually inspired by two people. My mom always does thankful thursday and I thought that was a neat idea, but I didn't want to just copy. Then I thought of this amazing guy(Jamey) and how thoughtful he is and thought that would be a good way to start out my thoughtful Thursdays. Ignore the nose shot in the pic. I was tipsy!!

I ended up meeting Jamey on myspace and he is actually a nice guy. Not the type you would think of when thinking of meeting someone off of online. He makes sure to tell me I am pretty and goes out of his way to make me feel good. He is very thoughtful! See where I got it now, hehe! The other day he came up and stayed with Gunnar and I. And of course I had to work the bar. He told me that he would watch Gunnar. I was so suprised that he offered to do that and Gunnar just loves him. Then I had a late night(didn't get home until 2:00am) and didn't get to bed until 3 or 3:30am and he got up with Gunnar and told me to stay in bed that I needed the sleep and Gunnar and him were going to go play. How sweet and Cute is that. Yeah! I actually found a man that is wonderful!! It's amazing how people can end up suprising you. You think that there is no one out there to be thoughtful to anyone and then someone emails you and wants to give you the world!

It makes you really wonder what Gods whole plan is for you!!
Love, Laugh, and Drink Up!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

If you could change career paths now and be anything you wanted to be...what would you be and why?

I went on the blog Mama's Losin it and she has a writers workshop. I like her she seems really cute!! So here I go on one of her questions. I have always wanted to be a chef. I love to watch the food network and make my own food using ideas from them. But with a child it is really hard to work in a resturant (conflicting schedules). So, I thought of something similiar but doesn't have the same scheduling exactly. I would love to cater for parties, get togethers, and romantic dinners. I would get to do a different menu everytime. It would be great and it wouldn't get boring!! Something different everytime!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terrible Twos

Ok so I thought my little angel could do nothing wrong until memorial day. He is sweet and cute and loves people. Jamey asked us to go to the Memorial Day services in worland. So, we go and I decide to sit in the back just in case he acts up, unlikely because of all the people there I thought. So He thinks it is just fun to tug on the people sitting in front of us and run up and down the isle we were sitting in and mean while mommy is chasing after him wanting to cry while the people around me are laughing at me because I have no control over my kid. I get a hold of him and he just starts screaming at the top of his lungs and everyone turns and looks. I was wishing that Jamey and the other gentlemen waiting to do the gun solute would stand up and just put a few bullet right in me. I was mortified!! So I grabbed my screaming little bundle of joy and took him back to the car and let him run around the head stones hopefully those people are at peace and dont mind my kid running over top of them. So after the service we go to Jamey's house and Gunnar runs around like a nut happy to be outside in the sun and I thought oh this will be wonderful he will wear himself out for the next service. Yeah....That did not work!!! I think that only amplified the fit he was about to throw!!! So we get to the cemetary and we get out and I decided to stand at the very back thinking that would give Gunnar enough room to run around like a nut until he just wants to pass out from exhaustion. He proceed to try and get to everyone and annoy them and when I wouldn't let him he would scream bloody murder. If I was one of the people there I would have thought someone would have cut an arm or a leg off the child. So, we ended up sitting in the car, because we were to close to let him run around screaming. So he screamed in the tiny little car.
This incident reminded me of the terrible twos. Hopefully he has just started early, because if this gets worse my kid will be pasty white, because Mommy can't handle the embarrassment of having a spoiled little brat!!