Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Ear aches and cameras!

So, I haven't slept in three days. Usually I am just an insomniac, but lately I have felt like I could sleep except my little man has been so fussy, sick and doesn't want to sleep a wink. So, I have been letting him sleep with me. Thinking maybe it would comfort him enough for the both of us to get some sleep. He sleeps just fine in my bed, but I don't!! I start to doze off and then there is a fist in my eye or a foot in my rib! So, after all of this I took him to the doctors and she tells us that he has an ear infection. My poor little man!! But one thing I splurged on this week is a new video camera! Maybe its just the sleep deporvation, but I had to have it so I splurged!! I saw that Mama Kat is having a give away and it is the new flip camera! Well, I never win anything so I thought I had to have one!!


Gamma Sharon said...

My poor Boo! You deserve to buy something for yourself!

Allyson said...

oh my gosh. it's so hard when the little ones are sick! i hope he is feeling better now and you BOTH are getting some good rest. {{hugs}}