Sunday, April 18, 2010

Artini Festival in Cody Wyoming!

I entered the contest for the best Martini at the Terrace Restaurant and Bar in Cody. It is a beautiful restuarant for any occasion! They usually have a Tini Tuesday and they decided to have this contest! I was so pleased to just be apart of it! But I ended up being the judges pick! I thought with my simple martini, which I called Tiki-Tini, I wasn't going to place anything. I displayed it with cubes of jello placed on the inside of the glass and it was a fruity, with a hint of tartness from the alchohol and lemon lime juice. I liked the drink personally, but it seemed too simple compared to all the hard work everyone else put into theres. I got the name from co-workers at work. They said it reminded them of a tiki shasta soda, hence the tiki-tini! I really had fun even with all of my nerves! I can't wait for next year!!

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Gamma Sharon said...

And it was so much fun too!
Love you