Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The 12th of this month was my birthday. And I was really having a hard time with it. I was supose to have it all figured out and be an adult by then. And when I say adult that sounds stupid coming from a 25 year old, but I mean a grown up job(not as a bartender) and a husband and maybe one on the way. The partying stopped a few years ago, but there is a part of me that still wants to alittle, the day after is what I hate! But everyone knew how I was having a hard time with it so they all tried to do something special for it. Jamey came over with his son and we had an early dinner with my parents(yummy ribs!!!). And then I had to go to work and they found out about it and suprised me with an indian fried bread with whipped cream and candles and sang me happy birthday. Also, I was head cook. It was my kitchen for the very first time! The other cook is still learning the head cook position and he has been doing it for a year, doing it every night. I have been learning once a week for a month. I had it down!! I know I'm awesome! LOL J/K. Then the guys in the kitchen let me go early and they closed my end down. Then Jamey suprised me and came back and bought me way to much to drink. The best present I got was Jamey and I walked to my house and he told me he loved me! He makes me melt everytime I'm around him!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I am late, but I hope you a had a very great birtday. As I see Jamey on your left hand side of the blog I think he is very handsome and you can feel so lucky you have him!

One Sassy Girl said...

Happy belated b-day! I'm 30 and I don't feel like an adult yet... enjoy it!
Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday ;)

Mimi said...

Honey, I'm 42 years old with 17 & 14 year old sons & I still don't feel like a grown up or have my 'career' downpat.

Don't feel bad, sometimes it's just the way life is.