Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wasting Time Wednesday!

So, I woke up on Friday and had a sore throat and runny nose but I just put it off on allergies. I woke up on Saturday(first day back from a four day mini vacation, that I just spent at home) and I was sicker than a dog!! I think I running fevers and I had the aches and it took all I had not to just puke all day long! But I suck it up thinking I would be able to kick it really quick like I usually do. The next day, I go into work at 9am and I just feel the same and the boss says I can be on call. So, I go up to my parents house and take a nap thinking once I got up I would feel much better, and I was wrong! I only felt worse, so I had to tend bar again and my mom said that she would take care of Gunnar and I could just go home and get some rest since I had to be at work at nine again. I woke up on monday morning with out a voice and I am sitting here thinking I am trying to do everything right by my health and I just keep getting worse! But by the end of the day I could at least be some what audible. My mom again said that she would take care of Gunnar and I was so thankful. by that time the if I didn't have the advil and alcaseltzer in me I thought I was just going to die from the pain of the aches and then it felt like my head was going to explode from all the pressure of the fevers. And then yesturday morning I woke up and was going to just get ready for work(which wasn't until 4pm that evening) and just go over to my parents house and rest and try and play and visit with my son who hadn't really seen me in a few days, but my mom told me to just go back to bed that I needed to rest! So I did and I slept and then finished getting ready for work and then ran up to my parents and saw Gunnar for a few minutes before work. I Made it through the night with alot of prayers and then went and picked my son up from my parents house. I was feeling good that he was just in his own bed!! I missed him so much!! And now I am sitting here, feeling much better, writing this at 6:30am because I can't sleep due to all the coughing! But at least I am feeling better!!!


Marina said...

Its terrible to be sick with a little one at home...hope you are right as rain soon!

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Gamma Sharon said...

I so glad you are feeling better...
Love you, Mom