Saturday, September 5, 2009

Imagination is a Great thing!

So, I am sitting here eating a fresh tomato with salt and wanting to be whiny!! (pouty face!) So, I thought I would give my imagination some exercise!!HEHE The perfect man, what is that? I had to think about it so I came up with some things that he should be and act like!!
1. He will adore me, as I him.(not act embarrassed by me, ok so I am alittle dorky)
2. He will want to be around me.(From my last blog I am an attention craving poodle!)
3. He will act like a grown up(partying in fun but not every night, mama needs her beauty sleep)
4. Likes to go out and do things, but is just as comfortable sitting at home watching a movie.(I can't think of a smarta$$ comment for this one!)
5. He won't ignore me!(attention craving poodle!)
6. But at the same time he won't smother me!(attention good, obsession bad)
7. He has to love kids, even my spoiled little boy!(hehe)
8. He has to be responsible (bills paid, priorities, dumb grown up stuff we all have to do).
9. He has to love to have fun.(no bumps on a log!)
10. And last but not least, he must like to be goofy and laugh (remember I'm a dork)!
Now I really don't think that all this is unreasonable! And I am sure I could come up with at least a hundred more things, but that is off the top of my head! And if you know any one who fits this profile be sure to send him my way!LOL


Miss. Candy said...

If you find him, you better not post any info on here about him! Someone might try and steal him because he sounds perfect!!!

Mommy Bear said...

I must have found the perfect guy because Daddy Bear is all of these. (Except paying the bills. I'm the one stuck doing that. Ugh.)

Sarah Brown said...

You will find him!!!!

Stopping by from Sits!

The Redhead Riter said...

If I knew someone like that, I'm sorry to say, I would keep him for myself! LOL

Found you on SITS

Grand Pooba said...

I used to have a list like that! Funny, when I found the one for me, my list actually changed for the better!