Saturday, November 28, 2009

I hate Men!!

I don't understand them!! Maybe my five year absence from the dating scene has something to do with it, but it has changed! But I think the men here in wyoming are alittle off also!! I think they settle and then they like to scew around!! I have known Chris since I moved up here and he SEEMED like a nice guy! We were friends that would talk when I would go to the hardware store(he is a manager there). He always offered to help me out with my son since he had two boys of his own. Well, recently I took him up on that offer while my mom was visiting family. He told me things weren't going so hot with his girlfriend. He left it at that. So we continued to text and talk on the phone. Then he said that he needed to talk to me face to face and I said ok. Alittle confused! I didn't realize I was enjoying having someone to talk to. I find myself settling on less attractive guys, but he had a decent face and he was nice company! Then he tried to get in my pants and I asked him well have you dumped the girlfriend and he said no that he really loved her and he loved me(yeah I know way creepy). Well I got pissed off!! And I refused to talk to him for awhile. And then he said that he was really sorry and still wanted to be friends, so I was like ok. Well...I have been having the hardest time sleeping because a little boy has learned that he can climb out of his crib! I have tried everything except rope to strap him in!! So he has his child development degree so I texted him to ask if there was something I was doing wrong. I wasn't I just have a very stubborn kid!! But we kind of talked all day and then he started to tell me how sexy I was and I asked him if things were going wrong with the g/f? He said no that his sinful nature was getting to him and he couldn't not tell me. And then the bombshell..........He got married to her really quickly!! WTF!!! Why would you marry someone if you act like that?!?!? Not that I would have anything to do with him after the first thing!! I have way to much pride to be pick second!!!


Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

Some men just don't get it do they???

You are so better off without him!

Happy Saturday Sharefest - stopping by from SITS and glad I did!

Miss. Candy said...

That is awful!!! What a jerk!! Hang in there, I was single for a long time (with three kids) until I met my husband!!! Dating was NOT fun and it had changed A LOT!!

K-Bug said...

Damn right girl... you shouldn't settle for beings someones leftovers!!!
You deserve the best!!!