Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Punisher!!

So here I am writing from a prompt from Mama Kats' blog!! She asks what is the most creative punishment you have ever envorced! Ha! I got one!! I had to be very creative in the ways I punished my step daughter, because my ex husband thought I was to hard on her and this one time he got really upset but he liked the result!!
When we got married Maddie's grandparents said that David could get her on the weekends. I thought awesome! Well...about a few months later I found myself pregnant and every weekend ended up either on the floor or on the couch because Maddie didn't want to sleep in her own bed. So I tried to get her to at least sleep on the floor with an air mattress and still no success. So, I always listened to talk radio on my way to and from work (old car and that was the only station that came in) and I got an idea. So, that weekend we got Maddie and David decided that they needed to go swimming so I said fine with an evil little grin on my face!! They left...I took all of her stuff out of her room and put it in boxes!! When they got back they both asked why all of her stuff was out of her room and I replied, "That is now my room! If you want to sleep in our bed I am going to have to have your room. You are not allowed in my room and you and Daddy will sleep in your guys room tonight!" I was as nice as possible!! But I was pregnant and she kicked very badly!!! Well, she said fine and then started to play. I started to make dinner later that day when I was interrupted by a crying little girl who said that she would never ever sleep in our bed again!! And she never did! I was suprised that it had worked out so well!!!


Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. That worked out well! So perfect for you! : ) It is hard to sleep with kickers, isn't it?

Mama Kat said...

He got mad about that?? I think it was smart! Good for you!!

Gamma Sharon said...

Very smart idea!

BTW, you have an award over at my blog if you wish to receive it. So get over there an get it!!!!
Love ya, Mom

Kristin said...

That was way creative. No harm to her and it worked. Brilliant!