Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mommy Knows...

This is inspired by Mama Kat at mama's losin it! She asked us to list 10 things that You didn't know before you were a mom.
10. When a baby cries you instinctively want to go to it! The other day I was in the waitress station and I was talking to Kelsey. We heard a baby start to cry and in the middle of our conversation I started to dash over there until I realized it wasn't my kid and the mother was with it. I went back to Kelsey and she just started laughing at me.
9. Throw up and boogers can be projected across the room! Yuck!!
8. What can be put in a baby's mouth will be there if not watched.
7. I always said my kid would never ever through a fit, because he wouldn't be spoiled. Yeah...that isn't true of any kid!!! My kid throws fits just to see my reaction!! Never say never!
6. If you didn't think something could break, just put it in the hands of a child!
5. Knowing you have the work of twenty to get done before a certain time and also knowing you only have the help of yourself to do it!
4. There favorite thing can not be replaced with something else!!
3. If you put it up high and you think they can't get to it. Think again!!
2. They will always find a way to amaze you!
1. No matter how much your child makes you mad they can make you heart melt with just a touch or a smile!


Gamma Sharon said...

Oh soooo true... every one of them!!!
Your Momma loves you!!!

Grilled Cheese said...

Isn't it amazing how bodily functions can suddenly be air born?

Babes about Town said...

Very true, especially number 7. We're so quick to judge before we have kids ourselves and realise what arch manipulators they are! Only kidding, love the little monkeys ;-)