Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love Thanksgiving! It's a time for family! When I was younger we would spend everyother holiday with both sides of the family. The women cooking and the guys doing what they do and us kids doing everything possible to sneak some food or pie! When I was alittle older my whole family would go to my parents house and it was wonderful! My parents would cook along with my grandma. Then it was time to eat and almost 20 of us would sit at the tables lined up in the living room. Then after dinner came the pies! Oh! So many pies! Then we would sit there and talk for hours. And now we will still go up to my parents and do the same thing, just not as many of us, but that isn't a bad thing in the least! There is nothing like family and I am always thankful for my family!

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Gamma Sharon said...

A Beautiful post!
Your Mom loves you and Thanksgiving is the best!