Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lactose, Almond Milk and The Asylum

So, I have been having the hardest time this winter with my health! I keep catching colds and the flu!! I really can't stand being sick and this is driving me nuts!! So, this last time I went to the doctor and was perscribed some medication and while I was taking it...it made me really sensitive to things and I think it might have made an allergy alittle more noticable! I think I might be allergic to dairy!! (Crying!) But so on to the next thing, I decided to cut all dairy out. So, I bought some almond milk. And it really is pretty good! But the second morning of having it, My little weezer decided to wake up and not wake me up right away. Naughty, Naughty little boy! But he thought it was choca milk... Well he woke saying that he was scared! And so of course I console my precious baby boy and cuddle and watch cartoons with him in bed, because he was really insistant that we stay in bed (first clue! but the blonde didn't get it!). And then since I did just wake up I said that I really had to get out of bed( I had to pee. Sorry to much info but it's part of the story) I go in the bathroom and there is no toilet paper (second clue. Still didn't get it!) So, I walk into the kitchen to get some more from the cupboard and I notice a big wet mark in the floor. Then I notice the toilet paper in the middle of it and then the carton of almond milk laid on it side... open! To say the least I saw red! Deep red with fumes coming from my ears. So, I turn on my heels and to my surprise Weezer is right behind me with tears in his eyes. He looked up at me and says..."I sorry Mommy...please don't mad... I sorry!" And the tears start flowing. *frustrated sigh!!* And my heart melted!! I just told him to go to his room and think about what he did. So I cleaned it up and then let him out of his room. Poor Baby knew what he had done wrong. But looking back at it I can't help but laugh!
Oh! I am so excited for the Artini Festival!! I am entering in to the Martini Contest again this year!! If you are in Cody Wyoming April 16th and are of age to drink. You should come and check out his competition!! I won Judges choice last year and I think I have an awesome drink this year! I am calling it an Asylum!! Kind of Dangerous sounding but so so yummy! Well, I had lots to talk about! Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time, But hopefully I can get back into this again!!
Love, Laugh and Drink Up!

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Gamma Sharon said...

My poor Boo! He just needed a drink! Lol
Love you both, Mom