Monday, March 28, 2011

Infatuations and Fevers!

I have been really into youtube lately and I have been seeing these girls with gorgeous hair and wishing I had hair like theirs! I have always had really thin hair that is limp and lifeless! And then I started to watch their tutorial and some of them had clip-in hair extensions!! Well...I looked up on how to make these wonderful hair extensions!! It turned out to be really inexpensive and really easy!! So in the pictures above, on the right is me with the clip-ins in my hair! And then the one next to it was Weezer copying me in one of the other pictures I didn't think turned out so well (I'm a dork!). But he turned out so CUTE! And then me without the extensions in and another one of Weezer!
But this morning, Weezer came in and woke me up saying that he wasn't feeling good and that he needed to go see a doctor to fix, because he was broken. And he has been sick none stop with the sniffles, but tonight we got home and he felt hot. I took his temp and it was up to 102. Of course I start freaking out!! And I got it to go down, but my poor little man is just so sick!! Off to the doctors tomorrow!!
Love, Laugh and Drink Up! Candace

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Gamma Sharon said...

My poor Boo!!! But you hair is really cute.