Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was bartending last week and a guest came in and he likes to drink alot when he does come in. He doesn't come in very often, but when he does he comes in to spend a lot of money! And I like him! He is a complete smart@!# and I love people that can keep up with my dryer sense of humor! And throw it back at me! So... He walks in and as I was gearing up for a night of bantering, he suprised me! He looked at me and said, "You look happy!(in a very loud voice!) Your so much hotter!" Yeah, the hot part made me feel good, but that isn't how Iview myself. I am not hot and I don't care to be. I am me! But he wouldn't let it go. He kept telling me this all night long. And then it hit me... I am happy! I am excited for my Martini Contest(in 15 more days!) and my wonderful fiance and I are doing good, planning things and gearing up for summer! And we are just corny and I love that!! The other day we were driving home(Matt, Weezer and I) and we were just dancing and having a good time (see what I mean when I say corny!) It's awesome to be totally comfortable with someone! Then with Weezer doing so good, even though he tends to get sick alot! But I really couldn't ask for a better son! Life is GOOD! For once I feel like it couldn't get any better! And I am not saying perfect, but the bad things are what keeps things interesting! No one is perfect and why would you want to be! Now that I got alittle inspirational speaker on ya I think its time to get ready for work! I hope I didn't bore you to much! I just had a realization!!

Love, Laugh and Drink Up!


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