Saturday, March 14, 2009


I believe we are put on this earth to touch people. My daughter, even though she was never alive out of my tummy, touched so many people through what I went through, to what actually happened to her. And I think with life being so busy and fast with how our sociaty is, we forget to reach out and touch the people around us until we just crash into each other! And sometimes that is the touching that we need to wake up and see how important lifes lessons are. I work in a place where you see people everyday at there worst or at the very best. And no one wants to take a look around and observe there surroundings and actually see that person sitting by themselves in the corner needing just anyone to look and see they are there and life is just crap, but they are there just to see if they could just crash into someone. To make them feel like there is a reason to keep on living. This man walked in to the bar the other day(he was very creepy) and I though from just looking at him he is bad news. He ordered his drinks then bought a whole bottle of peppermint schnapps and left. Then he came back and ordered some food and a pitcher of beer. He kind of scared me the way he looked at me and talked, but then I really started to observe him. He had long hair and a beard. He also had a marines jacket on. I think he just wanted to be noticed, just anyone. Not like I wouldn't be scared if I saw him in a dark alley, but I could almost feel his loneliness. It's sad how we go and just look for that one touch to snap us out of what ever we are going through!

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Gamma Sharon said...

Deep thinking, most of us need a little push once in a while.
Love ya, Mom