Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old Fashioned!

I work as a bartender most of the time at the local resturant here in town. And it boggles my mind how men really think. Is it just wyoming guys or is it all guys in general? I never ever get asked out on a date, but I do get asked (alot) if I would like to be some of the guys bed buddies. I am old fashioned and I don't think it says alot about me if I was to be someones buddy for the night. If I just wanted an orgasm I would get a vibrator. Men in general are pigs but when you add alcohol in them they get even worse! I would love a man to just ask me out on a date and not think that I was just some little harlet to be used. And yes I do work the bar and I am there to make a buck, but I talk to everyone about my son and how cute he is. How do they get that I would just want to sleep around. But the girls out here seem to do that. The guys don't think, can I get that girl, it's more like, okay I will wait my turn. You would think in a small town that is dominated mainly by men that women would be a little more picky and have alittle more respect for themselves!

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