Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Computer Problems and Martini's

It's funny I had a co-worker (my muse, Katie!!) film me making my awesome new candy inspired Martini for the contest that I am going to in ten more days!! (Weezer tickle break! So, if I go into some random topic you know why!) But my computer was serviced and now my flip program doesn't work. I have to call them again!! It really annoys me when computers don't do what you want them to!! I am so... so... so EXCITED for this martini contest! Last year I won the big prize! I got the title "Master Mixologist"!!! So, this year I probably wont win, but I know what to expect, so I can just have a blast!! And my boss is buying all of us a room and letting most of the staff that is old enough attend and support me!! This year I get friends and family to have my back! My drinks name is "Pink Secret" and it has alot to keep a secret about! OOH! LA LA! And it is pink and blue and I am doing a sexy display! I know a guy wouldn't order a pink drink willingly, but maybe the the "sexy" will win them over!! The pictures are of martini's, but not mine because I can't get my flip to work. Hopefully, in the next couple days I will figure it out so you can see the sexy-ness!! LOL!
Love, Laugh and Drink Up!!

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