Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Early Riser!

My little Weezer man usually gets up around 7am, but not today! And he is usually laying and watching T.V. in bed with me while I wake up. (I work nights, hence the hard time waking up!) This morning he didn't wake me up! I woke up to the dogs barking in their kennels(they are naughty dogs, hence the kennels). I think hence is the word of the day! LOL! And when I went out to see why they were barking a man was in my porch at the front door looking at me! Picture this...major bed head, no real make up on, make-up that didn't want to come off slimed down my face, p.j.'s my mom gave me for Christmas that make me look like a 12 year old and then there is a guy looking at me! Ugh! I wanted to get mad!! Well after the whole deer in the headlights wore off I opened the door and said, "Helloooooo!" (still not a happy camper!) He said that he was part of the construction crew ruining my alley! Ugh! I guess the sewer has to be fixed!! And my house has to be shaken! But the funny part is I waited on him last night and I don't think he recognized me without make-up, regular clothes or my hair done! I just thought that was funny! Thanks for reading!!
Love, Laugh and Drink up!

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Gamma Sharon said...

You are beautiful without make-up silly girl... on your porch... that means he came into your front door!