Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just alittle something!

I love this time of year! Everything so new and bright! You just want to bake in the sun and grow things! My little Weezer man loves it too! He can finally go out side without every stitch of clothing he owns on! I just get inspired to throw out door parties with yummy BBQ's and drinks! I can't wait for tomorrow! I love preparing for events and then to see Weezer finding eggs is just so much fun!!
Then tonight I finally get to bartend! I was thinking of doing a drink called an "Easter Egg". I think I might layer HYPNOTIQ, watermelon pucker and 7up in a martini glass! Sounds like fun! Lets see if I can layer it the way I want! Well I think I have talked you ears off enough! LOL! I hope you have a wonderful Easter tomorrow and a wonderful day to day!
Love, Laugh and Drink Up!

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Gamma Sharon said...

I love the pictures!