Friday, June 19, 2009

Frosted Mug Friday!!

I thought I would give you tales of the bar in my friday blogs. It isn't all glitz and glamour, but some things to laugh at while you are having your own cocktails! Last friday was part of the 49ers weekend. Everyones excuse to drink in this little town. And this was my first 49ers as a batender. It was busy, but with three of us on it was a piece of cake!! Until the end of the night...dun dun dun! (Did I build up the anticipation with the dun duns or what!) So, around 1:00am this guy comes in barely able to walk and starts talk to Shawn the other bartender. And I was Just not wanting the guy in the bar at all, bad vibes from the guy. Well, everyone but one had left. The other one decided to buy the guy a shot or two and Shawn the Dumbass serves them to him. Well they are sitting there talking and I decided to start the process of closing which was organizing the tickets. So I am sitting there sorting and all of a sudden I hear "What is that stupid bimbo doing?" Ok, who uses bimbo anymore anyways and I didn't really dress skanky that day!! So I was alittle upset by that phrase, but he was drunk and Shawns friend so I kept my mouth shut(don't ask me why but I did). Then I was doing something on the register and turn around and he goes to say something stupid to me again,but instead he weaves to the left......and then to the right.... and then he stops, looks me right in the eyes and falls over backwards smashing his head into the tile flooring.(serves him right for calling me a bimbo, but still BIMBO...what a dumbass) So, Shawn makes me wait unitl he can get someone to pick this moron up. But he couldn't so I was more than happy to call someone to pick him up....Hi, Mr. Officer!! HEHEHE


Rocksee said...

Oh no!

You call me to send the police!

I love the drunks!


Can we all say YUM!!Stopping by from SITS!

Allyson said...

Visiting you from SITS! :)

Funny you write about 'bimbo'. The attorney I work for used that term yesterday and I cracked up and called him old school. ha ha

Have a great weekend!

PS: Your little guy is ADORABLE! Awwww

Jessica and Michael said...

Haha! Serves the jackass right. That's great! Love your blog. Stopping by SITs. Hope you have a great weekend :)

Jules said...

Awesome! That's what you call "Service with a smile!" Stopping by from SITS...have a great weekend. Your post made me thirsty :)

Anonymous said...

i can't believe this dude called you a bimbo... what is this 1930? LOL

stopping by from SITS to say hi!

Equidae said...

looks like he isstill in dreamland this guy! passed by from sITs