Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yummy Yummy!!!

So, I moved to wyoming from Ca. Yeah I know what a change, but I think I like it sometimes! But I miss fast food. Probably a good thing that there isn't any up here, because I would weigh 200 lbs. But tonight I decided to try and duplicate a burrito from El Pollo Loco!! But I think it tasted just as good if not better! It is a twice grilled burrito(or at least I think that is what it was called) Here is my recipe if you would like it!
3 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Your choice of taco mix
Rice pilaf(you can buy instant wild rice with brown rice in Uncle bens in your grocery store)
your favorite salsa
First I boiled the chicken so it would shred with the all of my seasonings and with some of the salsa. While I did that I had the rice cooking. Once both were done I mixed them together, then tasted and add more seasonings to taste. Then I warmed up the tortillas in the microwave and then filled them with salsa, meat mixture and then some cheese. Then I rolled them up all fancy like holding them together with toothpicks. Then I got a pan heated up with alittle extra virgin olive oil and butter. I then placed them tooth pick side down first and once golden brown flipped them over. And if some thing doesn't sound right here are some pics to help. Yum Yum!


Clare said...

We are thinking of moving from California to Tennessee. What do you miss about Cali apart from the fast food. By the way, we went to El Pollo Loco the other day cos we had a coupon. You aren't missing anything any longer. It was not good.

Rocksee said...

That looks really good!!!

Gamma Sharon said...

Ummm, They tasted really good... but you didn't write down all the seasonings you used.
Daddy really liked them.

Anonymous said...

This looks so yummy!