Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terrible Twos

Ok so I thought my little angel could do nothing wrong until memorial day. He is sweet and cute and loves people. Jamey asked us to go to the Memorial Day services in worland. So, we go and I decide to sit in the back just in case he acts up, unlikely because of all the people there I thought. So He thinks it is just fun to tug on the people sitting in front of us and run up and down the isle we were sitting in and mean while mommy is chasing after him wanting to cry while the people around me are laughing at me because I have no control over my kid. I get a hold of him and he just starts screaming at the top of his lungs and everyone turns and looks. I was wishing that Jamey and the other gentlemen waiting to do the gun solute would stand up and just put a few bullet right in me. I was mortified!! So I grabbed my screaming little bundle of joy and took him back to the car and let him run around the head stones hopefully those people are at peace and dont mind my kid running over top of them. So after the service we go to Jamey's house and Gunnar runs around like a nut happy to be outside in the sun and I thought oh this will be wonderful he will wear himself out for the next service. Yeah....That did not work!!! I think that only amplified the fit he was about to throw!!! So we get to the cemetary and we get out and I decided to stand at the very back thinking that would give Gunnar enough room to run around like a nut until he just wants to pass out from exhaustion. He proceed to try and get to everyone and annoy them and when I wouldn't let him he would scream bloody murder. If I was one of the people there I would have thought someone would have cut an arm or a leg off the child. So, we ended up sitting in the car, because we were to close to let him run around screaming. So he screamed in the tiny little car.
This incident reminded me of the terrible twos. Hopefully he has just started early, because if this gets worse my kid will be pasty white, because Mommy can't handle the embarrassment of having a spoiled little brat!!


Frantic Holly said...

You'll get through it and so will your little man. All moms go through this.

Kris said...

Stopping by from SITS....it gets better lol...and it could always be worse--I'm dealing with what I believe is colic in my youngest. Stop by and check me out if ya like!!