Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I need to just breakdown. Take a walk in blissful insanity! Just take a break and pretend I am in a nut house and take my finger to my lips while making a motor boat noise! Last night Gunnar woke up three times and I maybe got about four hours of sleep. Then he is just cranky today, which doesn't help that he has two new teeth. But mommy wants to have a nervous breakdown! Whenever he is like this it seems like life is just bad, and nothing is going right. I tend to go through these times when nothing is right and work is icky and my son is just screaming! Sometimes the straight jacket sounds very comforting! At least with the jacket on I wouldn't be pulling my hair out from all the stress!
I just feel all alone and you see people happy and you think why can't I find that someone to laugh at me when I want to be alittle nutty! At walmart on sunday there was this couple in the baby section. The man was feeding their new baby girl and they were talking and laughing. I don't wish them not to have that, but I would like to have that too. Someone to be a buffer for when Gunnar wants to be a turd bucket! So, I guess while I wait, I will just be happy when he goes down for a nap and mentally commit myself to the insane assylum!


Christy said...

that picture has me laughing so hard!!
Leaving Some Love from SITS!!

kel said...

I didn't even notice what that baby was chewing on until I read the above comment! ha!!

Visiting from SITS..adorable blog!

Anonymous said...

Over from SITS. What a funny cat pic.
Sister, we've all been there.
Vent and vent and vent.
Breathe in, breathe out...
It gets better...and easier...
well, so I hear until the teen years hit...

Oh - love your music~