Monday, April 6, 2009


I have learned that Gunnar KNOWS how to get my goat up. I used to think I had tons of patience, but then I have a son and he just gives me that look of defiance and I want to pull my hair out! Yesturday I took Gunnar to walmart and he wanted to get into everything and run a muck and by the end of the trip I was suprised that my hair was still on my head. We were standing in the checkout line and he wouldn't stop pulling on the persons cart behind us and then he got mad at me for telling him to stop and he started throwing our stuff in their cart! Luckily the lady just thought it was cute, even though I wanted to just have a mental breakdown! Then he has started with fits that past three weeks(It feels like it has been a year). He screams and then starts to cry and then plops down on his tush and then lays down on his back and cries. I don't give into the fits, but they just seem to get worse! Argh!!!
My friend, Louie, comes over everyonce in a while and Gunnar just loves him. But louie and I were talking at work the other day and he said that I walked out of the room and he told Gunnar to stop doing something and he listened without a fit. And as soon as I walk back in the room and tell him no he throws the biggest fit. He also said that he does it to try and push me. To try and see how far he can push me. And that is how I feel sometimes. I have never seen anyones child throw a fit like that. I know that I am not the only one with a child that throws a fit, but where did my patience go!!

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Gamma Sharon said...

What did he spill all over him. Its just being a Mom. Most the time kids are better for someone else.
Love ya, Mom