Monday, April 27, 2009

It's funny I started this blog to help me get through things and to get things off my chest. And it has helped even if I am alittle depressing. I remember when I was in elementary school I got alittle embarrassed(a normal thing for me). The teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up and the only thing I could think of is I just want to be happy. Then when everyone was telling the career paths that they want, I got a little embarrassed and said the same thing as the person next to me. I have always tried to be happy, but it always seems like something pulls me down. But on wednesday maybe things will change. I have tried everything possible to be happy but I feel like I'm at a losing battle. But maybe this therapy(if you can call it that) will help. And maybe I wont focus on all the bad things that has happened to me. And if it works I will be sure to tell everyone about it. Living in darkness is not an option any more. I can't go on any longer like this! I want to be able to make my son happy!


Suki said...

You will be happy some day. Don't worry too much. You are so lucky to be healthy, have a son who is also healthy.
What do you need to be happy?
I couldn't imagine being not happy, because I'm a natural happy person smiling just to make somebody else happy. I'm through tough times as well.
But maybe I don't count, I have my off days as well, where I just want to stay in bed and never get up again.
Life has to go on and it's simply not an option to stay in bed all day. Somebody needs to earn money, take the dog for a walk and buy food.
Try to live your life happy because someday you will look back and wonder what it would have been if you have been happier?!

Gamma Sharon said...

Your Momma loves you and you will see better days!

Gamma Sharon said...

By the Way, you have a couple of awards to pick up at my blog.