Saturday, April 4, 2009


I was thinking I need a funny blog on here. So, I decided to tell you about my little baby girl! We got my Juno the month before I lost my my first baby. So, that should give you a hint on how spoiled the dog is. She became my baby! She lets me cradle her like a baby, she always has to be where I am in the house, and she hates me to leave!
My sister came to live with us for a couple of months and she was having a hard time finding a job so I asked if she would keep the house clean(my husband at the time was a COMPLETE slob) then that would more than take care of the rent. Well, every morning I had two to say goodbye too. I would tell Dana goodbye and then I would kiss juno on the top of her head and tell her to be good for Dana. Dana said she would sit at the top of the stairs and wait until she heard the garage door close and then look right into Danas eye and pee. Dana would smack her on the butt and put her outside. She was convinced that Juno knew exactly what she was doing and challenging her. But in defense, my baby never pottied in the house when I was there!LOL! She would do it everyday to her. I found out every time I left even to the store, right after I had let her out to do her privite stuff, she would do that!
Another thing that was funny about her, was that she was terrified of cats. We had lived in a condo, so we had to walk down kind of a hallway to the grass and at the end of the hallway the cats would hide in the bushes and once Juno would get to them the cats would jump out at here and she would pee and yelp all the way back to the front door. My poor baby! I would have to laugh though!
The one thing I have not been able to break her of is her barking. She just carries on and won't stop. She wakes Gunnar up all the time. So I decided to barrow a shock collar from my sister. I didn't have it tight enough at first, so I tightened it and she barked! She went screaming, not yipping or whinning, but screaming all the way back into the back room. I wanted to just cry! But she got used to it and now it doesn't have any effect on her. I just don't know how to stop it!
But that is my baby girl in a nutshell!


Gamma Sharon said...

Poor Juno! She just loves her Mom! Love the new Blog design and you, Mom

Rocksee said...

What a pretty dog!!

And your blog is pretty darn cute too!

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