Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ask Miss Tarbender!

Ok, so I got two comments on my last blog asking to see if you had any questions. Yay!!! So, thank you so much JDaniel4'sMom and DivineMrsD!!! Now I didn't get questions but I might want to try something other than Rieslings wine for your dinner parties? Maybe... Maybe not? And don't get me wrong I love wine, but sometimes it is just fun to switch things up. Like when I go to a bar(it's very rare, especially since I work in one) I like to ask if the bartender has a special drink they like to make, instead of ordering my fav tequila sunrise.
Today I was today I got one of my usual emails from Better Homes and Gardens(I like all that stuff too!!) And the subject read things to do while you are stuck in the house during winter and of course I go there and manage to find myself in the drink recipe page. (maybe they know my stupid obsession for recipes or they are implying something, I don't know). But they did have a drink on there that sounded like it would be sweet and sophisticated like a Riesling wine is. It is called Twinkling Ginger Champagne!! Sounds absolutely enticing to me!! So, I hope you liked that little thought, Divine Mrs D!?! And thank you so much for the comment!!


Karen said...

Hello! I was just stopping in from SITS.

I don't drink, but I agree that Twinkling Ginger Champagne sounds yummy!

Divine Mrs D said...

Hahaha! I DO like that thought! Champagne also makes me happy. :) HA!

Gamma Sharon said...

Ummmmm... sounds yummy!