Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foto Friday! Oh I mean Photo Friday!

My handsome little man has been around woman to much!! He looks in the mirror while I am doing my make-up and pretends to put some on too! Now he is wearing my shoes! But he looks so darn CUTE!!!
I decided to try out a sangria recipe!! I had never had it before and thought why not! And it looks so pretty too! Ignore me if you are looking for pretty! LOL!

Now I was looking for a recipe for my Valentines Party for the resturaunt I work for and those still sound so good! But, Doesn't this drink sound so good, look so good, and it can be drank by almost any of the food we are serving! The spin I put on it though, I put strawberries in it! Yum!!
Love, Laugh, and Drink Up!

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Jessica said...

Ooohhh...looks good :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my FB day! Love yours and can't wait to ready more. Glad you found me :)