Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad day into good night!

So, I have been having a hard time the last couple of days! But everything is ok now! I have come to terms with my insecurities and decided to say F@#$ them! I am letting go and I am just going to go with the flow for a while!! A friend in Cali is having a hard time and I think I might go out and visit and see if we can cheer each other up. But yesterday my sis, Dana, noticed I was having a hard time so we went to go see a movie!! Yay!! I miss going to movies like I did in cali!! I didn't go every week or anything, but it was so nice to have one close by when you got a wild hair up your a$$ to go see one! We ended up seeing "Did you hear about the Morgans?"! I really liked it!! It's about a couple that go into protection with a couple in wyoming! So, this morning I was reflecting on the movie and decided to look up where it was filmed. If you didn't know I now live in wyoming. Ugh! And it wasn't filmed anywhere close to wyoming!! It was filmed in texas! How disappointing!! But at least I liked the movie! Yay!
Love, Laugh, and Drink Up!


Divine Mrs D said...

Figures, right? That would have been great to check out.

Gamma Sharon said...

Glad it took some of the stress away!