Saturday, January 16, 2010

Candy, Chocolate Syrup, and Locks!

Ok so I have had a hard time teaching my son to stay in bed now that he has a big boys bed!!! A very, very, very hard time! So, I usually wake up to him coming in and hoping in to bed with me and then I turn on the T.V. in my room and he lets me begin to wake up, but lately it has been a "Oh Shit!" kind of waking up. I know, pouty mouth, but I don't know how to portray the emotion just right without it! It started with waking up to him finding candy on the table in the kitchen all night long!! And of course he took a nice long nap while mommy had to work the next day too! Then I started to think hard about that and put a child gate on his door. Well, my little monkey is uncontainable!!LOL So, again I start waking up every morning to him in the sink playing with the hose and faucets!! Fun!!! And the other morning I wake up to him opening and shutting the fridge door. So I go running out to the kitchen to see him sitting right by the fridge, sucking on the no mess top to a chocolate syrup bottle!! Picture this, he always waits for mommy to at least wake up and have her first cup of coffee. Not that morning!! The next morning I hear and beeping noise and crashing noises. He is on a chair playing with the buttons on the clock on the stove. What I didn't realize was that he managed to change the time on the clock and I was late to work that day! I have tried almost anything and everything at this point. I just couldn't get him to stay in bed. At least everything is pretty much out of reach that could hurt him so I thought. So, I thought what can I do! I guess I could get a long rope and tie him to the bed? So, someone told me to put a lock on the door, well I don't like the thought of the door being closed so I came up with a chain lock for the door!! Yay!! He has to stay in his room until I get him now!! Just like the crib until he learned to crawl out of it!! Now the story on getting the stupid lock on the door is quite funny, but I will have to tell you that in my next entry, because it is 1:30am and Gunnar gets up at 6am. So I will talk to you later!!
Love, Laugh, and Drink Up!

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