Sunday, January 17, 2010

Part 2: Candy, Chocolate Syrup, and Locks!

So, the other day I decided I wanted to buy a lock for Gunnars room. In my last post I gave you some ideas in why I wanted one!!LOL So, I buy it and decide right before bedtime I would stick up there with out any problem. Real quick like! So I get the drill out and my drill bit to put in it and I drill some holes where they need to be and then I put the screw in the screws securing the lock in place. And then I go to lock it and find out that I put it in upside down. So, I unscrew the screws and put it on right. And then my Mom calls and is talking to me and I decide to try it out and Gunnar is right there with this look on his face like I got something new!!(Little did he know he was going to hate it) So I put the chain in the slot and open the door to see how far the door would actually open up. Gunnar could walk through it without even batting an eye. So, I take the one part off and set it down on the table and mark my holes again and drill. And I am still on the phone with my mom and then finally get off, so I go to grab the lock and it is GONE!!! So, I had to search the entire house at least two times before I found it in his bedroom! It would be in the most logical place, because he didn't leave my sight!LOL So, I finally got it all hooked up and it is now ready to be used!! Yay!! What I thought would be a 5 minute job only took an hour and a half! I would love to hear your stories or ideas on children sneaking out of bed to do naughty things!?!? Hope to hear from you!
Love, Laugh, and Drink Up!!


Miss. Candy said...

My youngest would NEVER sleep, she still never sleeps! She would sneak outside, downstairs, etc. One day I fell asleep on the couch because I was so exhausted and she made the great escape outside (she was two) during early spring at like 6am, oh did I mention she was 100% nude? Anyways, she got out and could not get back in, she was standing there screaming, I was in "went without sleep for days" induced coma, but the man plowing through the corn on the John Deere (thank goodness it was my dad) heard this noise yelling over his tractor. There was his grandbaby, running around the backyard nude and it was like 60 degrees out. So after that I got an alarm system for my house. All it took was one escape out of her bedroom and downstairs until what she called "the monster" started yelling (the alarm). She still gets up and comes to my room, but the safety issue is now gone! lol!

I was a single mom of three for many years and learned all about powertools! LOve your post!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel is still stuck in his crib. Thank goodness. Thanks for stopping by.