Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top Five Things Going on in my Life!

I have been driven crazy by certain things the last few weeks so I thought I might share them with you if you are interested. Thought I could at least make myself laugh at all the crazy things happening.
5. Poop... It doesn't belong in training pants! But for some odd reason my son can not manage to tell me that he that he has to poop before the vein in his forehead starts popping out and he starts to grunt!
4. Late!! I was late for work this week. I don't know why but it is one of my pet peeves!! I am on time, if not early, always!!
3. Sleep...My little man isn't liking the idea of staying in bed! I know, he is still doing it!! At least there is a lock now!!
2. Tantrums...I don't get it. I do something or anything that makes him mad and he is on the ground kicking and screaming! It embarrasses me to no end!!
1. Chunks!!! I am sick and tired of chunks being blown!! (gross!) First it was Gunnar and this morning it was the dog! I am just waiting for the cat to chime in and then it should be my turn, right?
What is your opinion on these? Am I qualified to go to the nut house yet?LOL
Love, Laugh, and Drink Up!!


Divine Mrs D said...

Ugh. Vomiting is bbbbbbaaaaaddddddddd. Especially picking up animal vomit. I hope that things start looking up soon!!!

Gamma Sharon said...

I am so glad Gamma wasn't babysitting. Hehe

The Red-Headed Step-Child said...

Candace - Our children must not be very part in ages because I can identify with most of that list. Isn't being a mommy WONDERFUL? My toddler just threw her toys across the room as I type because I didn't answer her right away! Ahhh! Life!