Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Pitch!

I like Mama Kat at Mama's losin it. And I recently saw that she had joined 31 days to a better blog at I thought it would be a good and fun thing for me to do also. So, my first assignment was to create and elevator pitch, one short and one long! A pitch that can be told in enough time to have a ride on the elevator. And not a naughty one either!! Need more time for a naughty one anyways! LOL (I crack myself up!) So, here are my pitches!
First the short one:
"Welcome to the spills and thrills of a Mommy/ Bartender!!"
Second, the long one:
"Do you need a drink idea? Or a different approach to dealing with a child that has just thown himself on the ground in a tantrum? I have a drink of the day, Ask Tarbender, and random events of a Mommy/ Bartender at Drinks and Diapers!"
So, what do you think? Does it sell my blog or should I add anything else?
Love, Laugh and Drink Up!

1 comment:

Gamma Sharon said...

I like them both, can't wait to see what 31DBBB has to say.