Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, I have been really busy lately!! I met a wonderful guy, and he took me skiing for the first time! I loved it, even though I spent most of the time on my butt! I plan on going bird hunting with him pretty soon!! And Gunnar and him get along!! My spoiled little monster has not been sleeping very well due to more teeth!! I think I am done with the whole teeth thing!!LOL And I am still trying to potty train(pathetic I know). But one fun thing I did for New Years was I got to pick a theme and then had the toasting cocktail for midnight!!! So with that being such a success I decided that I would create and kind of host the festivities for Valentines!! But I thought maybe I would get some of my fellow bloggers ideas for the drink of the night!! My theme is a quote I found online. "Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired" by Louis Ginsberg. So, my ideas for you to choose from are:
1. Serendipity
2. Cassinova
3. Cosmo
4. Cupids Arrow #2
5. Sex on the bar (thought I would throw one in to make you laugh!)

And feel free to come up with your own, but these are actual drink names and if you come up with your own have some fun to create your own recipe with the name!!


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I like the name Cassinova-- that sounds like something rich and decadent... is it??? Are you going to share the actual recipes with us?

If I were going to "create my own concoction", I'd call it the "Pounding Hearts Pomogranate"; aren't pomogranates supposed to amp up the phermones? Maybe I'm making that up...

Confessions From A Working Mom

Lisa in Oz said...

With that theme, I think it needs to be Cupid's Arrow #2...although Sex on the Bar would probably fit pretty well too lol!

P.S. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Gamma Sharon said...

I like Serendipity... what will be will be!