Monday, January 11, 2010


This may come as a surprise but in high school I dated a really tall guy (6'5", 300lbs to be precise). Everyone thought it was really funny considering my size. I was only 5'1"(and I don't forget that one inch!!) and I only weighed 90lbs. I loved my government teacher and we would walk by and say hi every morning. At the time it was his govt teacher. And then the next year I had him. One morning the teacher asked me if we were still dating since he had graduated and kind of questioned why I would want to date such a big guy. And at the end of the conversation he said that we looked like Yogi and Booboo. And that is how I got the nickname Booboo.


Gamma Sharon said...

I love my Booboo and my Boo!

Crystal said...

Very sweet. :) Gotta love tall men. :)